How to save game in gta vice city

How to save game in gta vice city : To access the city’s map, press the Escape key to pause the game. On the map, the pink cassette icon shows where you can save your progress. If you’re unsure about any icon, you can toggle the map legend for clarification. The hotel you need is located along the long street in the southeast corner of the map. Enter through the open door at the hotel’s entrance, and you’ll find the save icon near the front desk. This save point becomes available after you complete the first mission.

As you advance in the game, more icons and save locations will become available. Some will unlock automatically after specific missions, while others can be purchased throughout the city. The purchasable save points are marked with a green house icon. Walk through this icon to see the cost and decide if you want to buy the save point.

Save Points

How to save game in gta vice city and Save Points are crucial features in every Grand Theft Auto game, enabling players to save their progress. These icons are consistently located at the player’s safehouses. Unlike many games where you can save through the menu, GTA requires you to use these Save Points to ensure your game is saved properly.


Save points have distinct designs in various Grand Theft Auto games. In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, the save icon is a pink cassette tape inside a pink disk. In Vice City Stories, it is a black floppy disk with “Grand Theft Auto” in the top left corner.

These unique designs help players easily recognize save points in each game.

How to save game in gta vice city

How to save game in gta vice city

1. Download Save: Choose any save file from the beginning of the game.

2. Unzip the File: Use WinZip or a similar tool to unzip the downloaded file.

3. Copy the Save File: Copy `GTAVCsf1.b` to the GTA Vice City game save directory.

4. Load the Save: Start GTA Vice City and load the first save slot to begin playing from the downloaded save file.

Game save directory location:

WIN7/VISTA: C:\Users\NAME\Documents\GTA Vice City User Files\

Game Description

Welcome to the 1980s, an era of big hair, excess, and pastel suits. Grand Theft Auto returns with a compelling tale of one man’s ascent to the pinnacle of the criminal underworld.

Vice City is an expansive urban landscape, stretching from pristine beaches to murky swamps, and from glamorous neighborhoods to gritty ghettos. It is the most diverse, complete, and vibrant digital city ever created. Blending non-linear gameplay with a character-driven narrative, you arrive in this bustling town filled with both charm and corruption, and you have the freedom to conquer it as you see fit.


Developer : Rockstar North

Platform : PS4, PC, Mac, iOS, PS2, Android, Xbox, Kindle

Release Date : October 27, 2002


Welcome to Vice City. Welcome to the 1980s.

After a long stint in maximum security prison, Tommy Vercetti is back on the streets of Liberty City. His old boss, Sonny Forelli, sends him to Vice City to avoid trouble and capitalize on the booming drug trade. However, Tommy’s arrival in the glamorous yet dangerous metropolis quickly goes awry. He’s set up, losing both money and merchandise. With biker gangs, Cuban gangsters, and corrupt politicians all wanting him dead, Tommy has no choice but to fight back and take over the city.

Sonny Forelli, head of the Forelli Crime Family, sends Tommy to Vice City to profit from the drug trade. Upon arrival, Tommy, along with Harry and Lee, meet Ken Rosenberg, who drives them to a drug deal with the Vance brothers. The deal is ambushed, resulting in the deaths of Harry, Lee, and one of the Vance brothers, with the money and drugs stolen.

Tommy informs Sonny about the setup, and after a tense conversation, Sonny allows Tommy to handle the situation. Rosenberg introduces Tommy to Juan Cortez, a retired colonel who set up the deal. At a party hosted by Cortez, his daughter Mercedes introduces Tommy to key figures, including drug baron Ricardo Diaz. Later, Tommy escorts Mercedes to The Pole Position Club.

Rosenberg suggests Tommy seek out Kent Paul for information on the stolen merchandise. Paul directs Tommy to Leo Teal, whom Tommy confronts and kills. Lance Vance, the other survivor of the ambush, teams up with Tommy to retrieve..

The money and drugs

How to save game in gta vice city

Tommy takes on work from Avery Carrington, a property developer, who offers protection in return. Cortez also employs Tommy to kill Gonzalez, a traitor responsible for the botched deal. While working for Diaz, Lance discovers Diaz’s gang was behind the ambush. Impatient, Lance attempts to kill Diaz and fails, forcing Tommy to rescue him. Tommy and Lance then storm Diaz’s mansion and kill him, opening up more opportunities for Tommy.

Tommy expands his empire by purchasing businesses and consolidating power, but tension grows with Lance, who feels underappreciated. Sonny eventually comes to Vice City to reclaim his money. Tommy plans to give him counterfeit money, but Lance betrays him, revealing the plan to Sonny. In the ensuing chaos, Tommy kills both Lance and Sonny, despite being wounded. With the Forelli threat eliminated, Tommy appoints Rosenberg as his right-hand man, securing his control over Vice City.

Voice Cast

  • Tommy Vercetti …. Ray Liotta
  • Ken Rosenberg …. William Fichtner
  • Sonny Forelli …. Tom Sizemore
  • Steve Scott …. Dennis Hopper
  • Avery Carrington …. Burt Reynolds
  • Ricardo Diaz …. Luis Guzmán
  • Lance Vance …. Philip Michael Thomas
  • Colonel Juan Cortez …. Robert Davi
  • Umberto Robina …. Danny Trejo
  • Phil Cassidy …. Gary Busey
  • Mitch Baker …. Lee Majors
  • Mercedes Cortez …. Fairuza Balk
  • Kent Paul …. Danny Dyer
  • Jezz Torrent …. Kevin McKidd
  • Taxi Controller …. Deborah Harry
  • Candy Suxxx …. Jenna Jameson
  • BJ Smith …. Lawrence Taylor
  • Auntie Poulet …. Youree Cleomili Harris
  • Supplier …. Armando Riesco
  • Cougar …. Blayne Perry
  • Hilary …. Charles Tucker
  • Congressman Alex Shrub …. Chris Lucas
  • Old Man Kelly …. George DiCenzo
  • Cam Jones …. Greg Sims
  • Psycho …. Hunter Platin
  • Maude the Ice Cream Lady …. Jane Gennaro
  • Jethro …. John Zurhellen
  • Gonzales …. Jorge Pupo
  • Dwayne …. Navid Khonsari
  • Dick …. Peter McKay
  • Mike the Goon …. Robert Cihra
  • Percy …. Russell Foreman

10 curious facts about GTA: Vice City

Vice City is  almost like a DLC for GTA 3

Did you know that Initially, the plan was to add story missions to the first 3D Grand Theft Auto title. However, there was so much content and so many new assets that it would have been difficult to integrate it as a simple add-on.

Recognizing this, Rockstar Games decided to develop it as a standalone title. By focusing on a specific location, Vice City became the backdrop for a new wave of chaos in the GTA series. This approach is similar to how Assassin’s Creed 2 expanded into three separate Ezio games.

How to save game in gta vice city

Miami Vice heavily inspired Vice City

It’s no coincidence that Vice City and Miami Vice sound so similar. During the early planning stages, Rockstar considered various locations for the new GTA title, including London. Ultimately, they chose to feature the iconic U.S. city inspired by Miami.

The decision was driven by Miami’s unique features, which perfectly suited the Grand Theft Auto environment. With its rolling beaches, vibrant neon lights, and electrifying atmosphere, Miami was the ideal backdrop for a crime wave. These elements created a setting that was both visually stunning and ripe for the chaotic, high-stakes action that defines the GTA series.

How to save game in gta vice city

Actual development of GTA: Vice City lasted 9 months

Even back in 2002, completing a game development cycle in just nine months was incredibly fast for such a massive, open-world game like GTA: Vice City. The development began at the start of the year and was completed by October. Imagine the intense hustle, with everyone scrambling around, smoking cigarettes, and chugging coffee to meet the tight deadline.

Of course, Rockstar likely had meticulous plans in place before starting development, enabling them to execute efficiently. However, considering the sheer amount of content in Vice City, the feat is remarkable. They managed to handle all the voice acting, coordinate celebrity availability for recordings, and develop the game itself. It’s a testament to Rockstar’s impressive capabilities and dedication.

How to save game in gta vice city

Lawsuit against GTA: Vice City for celebrity likeness

Yes, Grand Theft Auto and Rockstar Games have faced many lawsuits since the first GTA title appeared. It became almost routine to see the developers being sued for various reasons, often related to the game’s violence and controversial content. In the case of Vice City, a notable lawsuit came in 2017 from the Psychic Readers Network over the use of one of its “assets,” Miss Cleo.

Youree Harris, known for her television psychic readings as Miss Cleo, was hired by Rockstar Games to voice a character in GTA: Vice City, bringing the same distinctive flair to the role. The lawsuit claimed that Rockstar used Miss Cleo’s persona without permission. However, Harris was essentially parodying herself, which added a unique touch to the game and highlighted Rockstar’s knack for incorporating contemporary cultural icons into their titles.

How to save game in gta vice city

Tommy Vercetti doesn’t drop the F-bomb

If you’ve ever had the TV on while your child played GTA: Vice City, you likely rushed to turn it off once the swearing started. The Grand Theft Auto series is notorious for its colorful language, including several words that wouldn’t be welcome in polite company, especially the F-bomb. However, here’s a curious detail you might have missed: Tommy Vercetti, the game’s protagonist, never drops the F-word.

While Tommy uses plenty of other choice words that might make you wince, even in the midst of intense action—whether he’s blazing away with firearms or blowing up buildings—the F-word is conspicuously absent from his vocabulary. Next time you play Vice City, take up the challenge and see if you can find it.

How to save game in gta vice city

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