ROINET Dispatches Shared Finance Administrations, Stamping a Modern Time in Venture Opportunities

In a critical breakthrough for the speculation community. ROINET gladly reports the dispatch of its Shared Finance Administrations on June 28, 2024. The activity was initiated by Sameer Mathur (MD & CEO at ROINET), Chon-Phung Lim (Financial specialist & Chief at ROINET). Vivek Gupta (Co-Founder & Chief at ROINET), Sanjeev Mahajan (Co-Founder & Chief Development Officer at ROINET) and team.

ROINET’s Common Support Administrations open a portal to an assorted run of speculation openings. Fastidiously custom-made to meet personal budgetary objectives. They offer a run of key benefits that cater to speculators looking for key and productive speculation solutions.

The stage gives access to an assorted portfolio of common stores. Empowering the creation of adjusted portfolios that optimize both hazard and compensation. Whether you are a prepared financial specialist or an amateur in the venture scene.

Join us in taking your monetary future to the another level with ROINET’s Common Support Services!



ROINET Arrangement is a spearheading supplier of fintech arrangements in India. Committed to upgrading budgetary consideration and advanced keeping money administrations. Built up with the vision of bridging the advanced isolate. ROINET Arrangement offers a comprehensive suite of administrations, counting advanced installment arrangements, monetary administrations, and e-governance. With a solid center on customer-centric arrangements and a strong innovative spine. ROINET Arrangement is changing the scene of computerized funds in India.

Encouraging an exceptional ₹35,000 Cr exchange volume each month. This broad organization underscores the company’s commitment to driving financial development by enabling rustic. Semi-urban zones with imaginative innovation and dependable monetary administrations. Through these endeavors, ROINET Arrangement proceeds to bridge the crevice. Making money related administrations more available to those who require them most



We accept that getting to money related administrations is an essential right, and we are enthusiastic, almost giving imaginative arrangements that can offer assistance to bridge the hole between provincial and urban populaces. Our objective is to enable the under-served populace by giving them the apparatuses they require to accomplish monetary steadiness and freedom. By working closely with neighborhood accomplices and leveraging the most recent innovation, we are certain that we can make a genuine contrast in the lives of millions of individuals over India.


Our arrangement addresses the issue of “Severe need to get to budgetary administrations, through advanced means, for the final mile under-served populace of India.”

One of the primary challenges confronting the under-served populace is the need for help in embracing advanced innovation. Numerous people in this section are reluctant to utilize computerized monetary administrations due to different reasons, such as fear of exchange disappointments, potential extortion, and dialect obstructions. In expansion, we get it that dialect obstructions can be a critical deterrent for numerous clients.


This fragment of the populace regularly faces critical challenges getting to reasonable and solid monetary administrations, especially in the 0.65 million towns over India.

In expansion, numerous of these people have moved to urban ranges in look of superior vocation openings. In any case, the characteristics of the urban under-served populace are not immensely distinctive from those in provincial ranges, and they too confront critical boundaries to getting to monetary services.



To guarantee that our administrations are open to all, we have set up a franchisee arrangement of hyperlocal Client Benefit Focuses (CSPs).

Through our CSPs, we are able to give personalized help and bolster to our clients, making a difference to overcome any obstructions or challenges they may confront in getting to our administrations. Our CSPs are staffed by learned and prepared experts who are committed to giving the most elevated levels of client service.

We accept that our “Phygital” arrangement is the future of money related benefit conveyance, advertising the best of both universes – the comfort and availability of computerized stages, along with the personalized benefit and bolster of a physical organization. By leveraging innovation and imaginative benefit conveyance models, we are making a difference to make a more comprehensive and open monetary biological system in India.


At our company, we are committed to making the biggest and most impactful rustic arrangement in India. Our objective is to move forward the lives of 100 million under-served people by Walk 2026, giving them access to the budgetary and non-financial administrations they require to thrive.

By growing our benefit arrangement and leveraging the most recent advances and inventive commerce models, we aim to make 200,000 modern jobs by 2026.

Through our work, we are engaging under-served communities over India, giving them the instruments and assets they require to succeed. We accept that by working together, we can make a brighter future for all Indians, and we are committed to making that vision a reality.

Banking and Payments

Become a one-stop keeping money and advanced installments middle. Roinet innovation stage is security certified which implies all exchanges on the stage are completely secure. Stage offers a best-in-the-industry victory rate.

AEPS: Aadhaar Empowered Installment Service

  • Help your clients in pulling back cash from bank accounts, government alleviation reserves, and DBT subsidies.
  • Customers can pull back cash by utilizing their Aadhaar card and fingerprint.
  • These are biometric authentication-based exchanges; subsequently, it is completely secure.
  • It is bank skeptic i.e.; clients of all banks can execute at the Roinet benefit point.
  • The retailer gets an installment settlement and commission on each transaction.

DMT: Coordinate Cash Exchange Service

  • Help clients in sending cash from a place to anyplace inside India and Nepal
  • Real-time exchange and moment confirmation
  • Customers can too store cash in any account.
  • OTP-based completely secure cash transfer.

Retailer gains gets moment installment settlement and commission.

  • Cash withdrawal by means of UPI/QR-Code
  • Help your clients in pulling back cash without an Aadhaar card or charge card.
  • Customers filter the QR code and get cash from the retailer.
  • An energetic QR code is produced in a retailer app on each transaction.
  • Put in his/her UPI Stick, which makes the exchange completely secure.
  • Retailer gets an installment settlement in his wallet along with commission.

New account opening and Government Schemes

You can offer assistance to your clients with opening an unused investment funds bank account and bring them to the new-age advanced keeping money system.

The account opening preparation is end-to-end advanced by means of Aadhaar authentication.

Customers can moreover profit from different Government plans such as PMSSBY, PMJJY, Atal Annuity Yojna, and numerous more.

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